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Published 2002 | 48 pp
10" x 7"

ISBN 978-1-887123-56-3
Edition size: 1000

Paperback - $75.00
Edition size: 26 signed

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A Girl’s Life
by Johanna Drucker, Susan Bee

"What happens when two brilliant avant-garde artists collaborate? A wild carnival of collage, color, design, and lines like 'Decorum had its way with her.' Or: 'Her outfit ached against my thigh.' Any sentimental image of a girl's life we might have is overexposed, self-titillated, and deconstructed. It's dazzling. It's funny. It's a riot." - Rosmarie Waldrop

"When 'image is everything,' any girl's life hits the top of the cultcrit charts. It's a REVOLUTION OF THE WORD. Way past post post-modern. Pre-Omega Point. Like totally!... Read this outrageous, funny and touching book and don't be clueless anymore." - Jerome McGann

A Girl's Life
is a graphic melodrama of romance, crime, and passion in which girls "struggle to survive the snares and pitfalls of contemporary life." Darkly comic and fiendishly noir, the mood of this book is expressed in colorful prose, lurid collage, and wildly adventurous typography. This collaboration between visual poet Johanna Drucker and painter/book artist Susan Bee is an exciting synthesis of two distinctive but sympathetic sensibilities which addresses adolescent angst in all of its fashionably gory details; "accessory to a crime" takes on a whole new meaning in this book.


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Johanna Drucker
Susan Bee

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