Edward Sanders' Recent Publications

Edward Sanders' Recent Publications

Granary Books is pleased to offer for sale recent works by Edward Sanders, including Fuck You/ A Magazine of the Arts, vol. 5, no. 10 (1965/2021), and five limited-edition bardic glyph-books.

This publication of Fuck You was not released as intended in 1966; Sanders had been arrested on obscenity charges, and his lawyers (at the A.C.L.U., which took his case) advised that he cease publishing until the case was resolved. After Sanders won his case, he became busy with the Summer of Love and other projects; fortunately for Fuck You fans, he has revisited this long-awaited issue and it is ready for release. Side-stapled in the spirit of its mimeographed siblings, with work by Charles Olson, d.a. levy, Szabo, Michael McClure, Henry Fainlight, Robert Anton Wilson, and Sanders, the magazine also includes images of the prepared mimeograph stencils and holograph poems that were set to be published decades ago.

The five "bardic glyph-books" included here represent Sanders' ongoing inquiry using the form of the glyph—“a drawing that is charged with literary, emotional, historical or mythic and poetic intensity”—that has been a dimension of his poetry since 1962. He cites Zen rock gardens, the markings on Egyptian tombs and the typographic designs in John Cage’s writings as influences in the development of the form.

Each of these books are presented as unbound leaves and housed in a rigid set-up cardboard box with a title page affixed to the lid, echoing Sanders' own filing systems of sheaves of papers within boxes. As such, these books are primed for reading and reference, given the dense and meaningful subjects they explore—including occultist and folklorist Harry Smith, poet Charles Olson, the history of the Peace Eye Bookstore, "InvPo" or investigative poetics, and the historian Alf Evers.

Sanders brings his characteristic poetics of research, information, organization, and historical insight to these works, which were produced by the author in Woodstock in limited editions ranging from 5 to 50 copies. These glyph-books were produced in the past two years, but compile experiences from much earlier in Sanders' life, from the 1960s onward. At times, pages of glyphs are shared amongst books (such as the Harry Smith and Peace Eye volumes, as well as the final Fuck You), attesting to the interrelatedness of the series.

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