Kathy Acker Collection

Kathy Acker Collection

The jacket copy for Chris Krauss’s After Kathy Acker describes her best:

“Rich girl, street punk, lost girl and icon ... scholar, stripper, victim and media-whore: The late Kathy Acker’s legend and writings are wrapped in mythologies, created mostly by Acker herself.”

The collection comprises many rarities, including complete sets of her three serial novels (one with letters to Black Sparrow publisher John Martin); her very scarce first book, Politics, self-published in San Diego in 1972; an original manuscript for a never-published story, Bondage & Discipline in New York City (1976); a first edition of Great Expectations (Re/Search, 1982), as well as copies of nearly all of her published books, together with assorted ephemera.

The collection is sold.

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