Openings Press. John Furnival, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Edward Wright. Openings Press. n.d.

Openings Press.

Openings Press, n.d. Item #2596

Single sheet, 8 x 10 in., folded once. An early price list offering “Openings - a series of unfolders combining the work of poets, artists, typographers and printers,” (offers nos. 1–4);  “Plaktas - an information series of concrete poems and graphics on card,” (offers nos. 1–2);  “Wallpoems - a series of ultra large poems,” (offers no. 1, sandrocktide, by dsh). Also offers the film “Open Wardrobe” by John Sharkey as well as “slides of concrete poetry illustrating the history and contemporary developments - to order.” Very good, pencil mark to one item.

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