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Granary is a dealer in literary and art archives and libraries from the sixties forward. We work to place such collections into important institutional libraries and have worked with dozens of writers, artists, and publishers toward this end.

Clients include:

Ed Sanders, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Ed Dorn, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Anselm Hollo, Michael Lally, Gerrit Lansing, Kit Robinson, Johanna Drucker, David Bromige, Bottle of Smoke Press, John Furnival, Norma Cole, Kevin Killian, Dodie Bellamy, Douglas Crase, Pierre Joris, Susan Stewart, Barbara Henning and Long News in the Short Century (literary magazine archive), Summer Brenner, Charles North, Paul Violi, Don Byrd, Susan Bee, Trevor Winkfield, Arthur Sze, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, John Koethe, Edith Schloss Burckhardt, Michael Gizzi, Kenward Elmslie, Gloria Frym, Douglas Woolf, Joe Brainard, Larry Goodell/Duende, The Robert C. Morgan Conceptual Art Collection, Patty Oldenburg, Maureen Owen, Blind Date (literary magazine archive), Janet Hamill, Andrew Schelling, Turtle Point Press, Bardo Matrix/Ira Cohen/Gnaoua/Dana Young, Michael Heller, Lewis Warsh, Robert Dash, Richard Foreman (Ontological-Hysteric Theater), Thom Gunn, Maggie Paley, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church (literary organization archive), Woodland Pattern (literary organization archive), Jerome Rothenberg, David Antin, Charles Bernstein, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E (literary magazine archive), Lawrence Alloway, Tony Zwicker, Kathleen Fraser, Robert Creeley, Ninja Press, Carolee Schneemann, Benny Andrews, Leslie Scalapino, Ann Lauterbach, Clark Coolidge, Ray DiPalma, Marjorie Welish, Susan Howe, Bernadette Mayer, Jane Wodening, M/E/A/N/I/N/G (art journal archive), Journal of Artists’ Books (art journal archive), A.I.R. (art gallery archive), Burning Deck Press, Ron Padgett, Joanne Kyger, and Susan King. 

Placements include:

The Library of Congress, Beinecke Library at Yale University, Butler Library at Columbia University, Fales Library at NYU, Mandeville Special Collections Library at UCSD, Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, Berg Collection at New York Public Library, John Hay Library at Brown University, Lilly Library at Indiana University, Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Green Library at Stanford University.

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Angel Hair Collection

Angel Hair Collection

“I met Lewis Warsh at the Berkeley Poetry Conference and will always forever after think we founded Angel Hair within that auspicious moment.” So writes Anne Waldman in her introduction to The Angel Hair Anthology (Granary Books, 2001).

Lewis and Anne were greatly influenced by the poets and publishers attending the twelve-day conference in July 1965, including those variously identified as Beat, Black Mountain, New York School, and San Francisco Renaissance.

Poets such as Gary Snyder, Robert Duncan, Joanne Kyger, LeRoi Jones, Charles Olson, John Wieners, Jack Spicer, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Lew Welch, Lenore Kandel, Ted Berrigan, and Ed Sanders, and small presses and magazines such as CFuck You: A Magazine of the Arts, The Floating Bear, White Rabbit, Auerhahn Press, and Locus Solus provided inspirational models. In The Anthology, Lewis Warsh writes: “In a sense doing a magazine at this early moment was our way of giving birth—as much to the actual magazine and books as to ourselves as poets."

By spring 1966, the poets, each age 20, published the first issue of Angel Hair from 33 St. Mark’s Place in New York City. The initial Angel Hair book was released the same year and by 1978 they had published six issues of the magazine, 63 pamphlets, books, and broadsides, and 10 catalogues. In the process, they helped identify and nurture a generation of innovative, ground-breaking poets, writers, and artists.

We are pleased to offer for sale a comprehensive collection of the Angel Hair publications including a complete run of the magazine, all 63 pamphlets, books, and broadsides, two of the catalogues, and a small batch of related archival material.

Please click to view and sort by viewing preferences to review the entire collection.

Ed Sanders Archive

Ed Sanders Archive

The Ed Sanders Archive is a remarkable record of the legendary poet, writer, editor, publisher, activist, Fugs founder and icon of American counterculture. Beginning with his first poems written while he still lived in Missouri (1955), it encompasses all of Sanders’ expansive life and career. The archive is a unique resource that allows for the exploration into Sanders’ seminal contributions to the Mimeo Revolution and American poetry, as well as his legacy in the American underground and counterculture with his political activism and his music. The archive itself has long been spoken of by scholars as well as fans. Sanders organized the archive over a 10-year period. Due to its size it is housed in multiple buildings and locations at his and his wife Miriam’s home in Woodstock, NY, where they have lived since 1974.

The archive is available.

Tom Phillips Short Catalog

Tom Phillips Short Catalog

Granary Books is pleased to offer for sale a number of works by the artist Tom Phillips, including seven of his signed screenprints illustrating Dante's Inferno, as well as signed pages from the Tetrad Press edition of his groundbreaking altered book, A Humument. 

Phillips's translation and illustration of Dante's Inferno by Talford Press in 1983 received the Frances Williams Memorial Prize; Waddington Graphics published a limited signed edition of nine larger screenprints of these striking illustrations. A Humument is an artist's book that Phillips began in 1966 and completed in 2016 in six versions, altering W. H. Mallock's obscure 1892 Victorian work, titled A Human Document, with painting, collage, and cut-up techniques. Retitled A Humument, it was first published as a series of boxed editions of pages, printed by Ian Tyson at Tetrad Press in London.

Read Tom Phillips's biography here, and more about Dante's Inferno and A Humument on specific catalog records. 

Joe Brainard Collection

Joe Brainard Collection

Granary Books is pleased to offer for sale a collection of works by, about, and in collaboration with the artist and writer Joe Brainard (1942–1994). The collection contains approx. 100 items that trace the arc of Brainard's career through mimeograph and other small press publications with poets, including Ted Berrigan, Ron Padgett, Kenward Elmslie, Bill Berkson, Anne Waldman, and Lewis Warsh, and poets' presses, such as C Press, C Comics, Boke Press, Angel Hair, Siamese Banana, Adventures in Poetry, Kulchur, Black Sparrow, and Big Sky. 

The collection was assembled by Granary Books over several decades and includes an array of uncommon books, pamphlets, ephemera, and other items, such as presentation and association copies, attesting to Brainard's crucial role within the community of poets and artists of the Lower East Side, particularly during the sixties and seventies.

The inventory is organized in three sections: 1) Books and Collaborations; 2) Book and Magazine Covers, Monographs, Unique Items, and Ephemera; 3) Gallery and Museum Announcements, Cards, Brochures, and Catalogues.

Offered as a collection only at this time. 

Steve McCaffery Archive

Steve McCaffery Archive

The Archive offers a distinct opportunity for rich scholarly exploration into concrete, sound, and language poetry through published and unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, journals, sketchbooks, audio/video recordings and ephemera.

“Though he would be among the first people to point out the inherent problems with the terminology, poet and scholar Steve McCaffery is one of the major architects of postmodern Canadian literature and was a major player in the Canadian avant-garde of the 1970s. With fellow poet bpNichol, he formed the Toronto Research Group in 1973 ... With Nichol, Paul Dutton and Rafael Barreto-Rivera, McCaffery also formed the highly influential sound poetry collective, The Four Horsemen.

McCaffery’s writing, both creative and critical, is concerned to some extent with going beyond the sentence and the word, beyond syntax.”

— Ryan Cox, “Trans-Avant-Garde: An Interview with Steve McCaffery,” Taxi Online Edition, Winter 2007/2008

The collection is available.

Ian Hamilton Finlay and the Wild Hawthorn Press

Ian Hamilton Finlay and the Wild Hawthorn Press

The collection includes approximately 340 items, which, taken together, provides a far-reaching overview of the publications of Ian Hamilton Finlay and the Wild Hawthorn Press. There are key examples of all styles, phases, and periods of Finlay’s printed work and as such, the collection offers a singular opportunity for research and exhibition with reference to a range of concerns, including artists’ books, concrete poetry, design, collaboration, gardens, little magazines, and small presses. There are many rarities among more than 100 books and booklets, 150 cards and folding cards, 15 poems/prints, 25 exhibition catalogs and related books, a complete run of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse., and a unique fabric sculpture, a prototype for an abandoned edition from the early eighties. Additionally of note, there are seventeen signed limited editions and twenty-two items inscribed and/or addressed and mailed to Finlay’s longtime friend, the New York-based, British-born painter, Trevor Winkfield, several with substantial notes.

Portions of the collection have been sold. Items still availabe are listed below.

Ron Padgett, Selected Publications

Ron Padgett, Selected Publications

Poet, writer, translator, and editor Ron Padgett (b. 1942) has published extensively in unique printed forms: mimeographed magazines and pamphlets with covers by Joe Brainard, George Schneeman, and Andy Warhol; C Press projects such as William Burroughs’ Time; and small-edition collaborations with artists and publishers such as Bertrand Dorny and Gervais Jassaud. This collection of Ron Padgett publications presents the above assortment as well as other volumes, including his first self-published work in 1960 (Summer Balloons) and an array of books he edited for Full Court Press from 1974–1989. Nearly all of the following items are from Padgett’s personal collection and most bear his signature, including a number of exceedingly rare volumes.

Some items remain available.