"KRAFT Recipe." Gilbert Sorrentino, Ammiel Alcalay. TKS Books. 2021.
"KRAFT Recipe." Gilbert Sorrentino, Ammiel Alcalay. TKS Books. 2021.

"KRAFT Recipe."

TKS Books, 2021. Item #3006

4 x 6 in. postcard of excerpt from a 1978 letter from Gilbert Sorrentino to Ammiel Alcalay, while the latter was living in Yugoslavia. Features a Sorrentino signature "KRAFT recipe," as follows: 

"I’ve saved my best news for last. It is a KRAFT recipe, which, if you are lucky, you should be able to whip up in Jugoslavia. If you can’t get all the ingredients, you can surely improvise, or have them sent over. It’s called, modestly, TOMATO MADNESS. Into a large bowl, chop rough chunks of baloney, celery, okra, and KRAFT American Cheese. Mix thoroughly with equal parts KRAFT Tomato Paste and KRAFT Bar-B-Q Sauce, until smooth and slightly sticky. Quickly shape into patties and line bottom and sides of large casserole with the patties. Dot each pattie with KRAFT Margarine, KRAFT Midget Marshmallows, and KRAFT Mandarin Oranges. Sprinkle liberally with garlic powder, oregano, KRAFT Pineapple slices, and cracked ice. Pour KRAFT Tomato Ketchup over all until the patties are completely hidden. Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Remove from oven, mix in one pint KRAFT Sour Cream, one large can beets, and three tbs. KRAFT Peanut Butter. Garnish with KRAFT Gherkins and carrot sticks, and serve with plenty of KRAFT Vanilla Cookies, with pitchers of BROCCOLI-CHOCOLATE FIZZ. (See Recipe.)

Now, if this doesn’t endear you to Tito, just write Mr. KRAFT."

Designed by M.C. Kinniburgh. This is from an edition of 100 copies. Available only with complete TKS 2021.