Time. William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin. C Press. 1965.


C Press, 1965. Item #3154

Saddle-stitched printed wrappers. The fourth title from Berrigan’s C Press, Time, is in part Burroughs’ response to “…the libelous review of Naked Lunch [Time Magazine, Nov. 30, 1962] called ‘King of the YADS’ (Young American Disaffiliates), in which it was claimed that Burroughs had cut off a finger to avoid the draft. By transforming this supreme organ of control Burroughs was aiming at the jugular” (Miles 435).

Ron Padgett, editor for the edition, relates, “Burroughs’ original manuscript was so faintly typed that the printer (a very helpful gentleman named Mr. Dymm at Fleetwood Letter Service) said it would not be legible in an offset edition.” In order to solve the problem, the editor created a facsimile of Burroughs’ manuscript. He rented a typewriter (with the same font as Burroughs’) and then acquired “a fresh (used) copy of the issue of Time (‘Transatlantic Edition,’ it called itself) he had used as the basis for his manuscript.”

"It was a lot of work, and I became rather obsessed with creating a perfect replica, but I enjoyed doing it. Burroughs was pleased with the result, but, given his characteristic reserve, he didn’t gush. Throughout the project he was cordial, polite, somewhat old-fashioned in his formal good manners. Brion Gysin was equally polite but a bit warmer in his demeanor." (Email from Ron Padgett.)

The first edition comprises 1000 copies: 886 in a trade edition; 100 numbered and signed; 10 lettered A–J, hardbound, with original manuscript page by Burroughs and original drawing by Gysin, signed; and four hardcover numbered copies hors commerce with original manuscript page by Burroughs and original drawing by Gysin, signed. This is from the regular trade edition. Cover is a bit toned with wear to spine and extermities. Very good.

Price: $425.00