A Collection of Publications by Ian Tyson and Collaborators. Ian Tyson. 1968–2016.
A Collection of Publications by Ian Tyson and Collaborators. Ian Tyson. 1968–2016.
A Collection of Publications by Ian Tyson and Collaborators. Ian Tyson. 1968–2016.
A Collection of Publications by Ian Tyson and Collaborators. Ian Tyson. 1968–2016.

A Collection of Publications by Ian Tyson and Collaborators.

1968–2016. Item #3822

40 items, including 38 books and pamphlets, one broadside, and one paper sculpture. A collection of publications by Ian Tyson, including both his own works and works by others for which he served as publisher or collaborator.

Ian Tyson (1933–2021) was a renowned book artist, printmaker, painter, and sculptor. Born in Wallasey, Cheshire, England, Tyson moved to London in 1954 and studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Through the 1950s and '60s, Tyson exhibited his work across the United Kingdom before joining Ron King's Circle Press in 1967 as a screen printer. By 1968, Tyson's visual representations of poetry inspired the American poet Jerome Rothenberg to propose that the two collaborate. The result, Sightings I–IX & Red Easy a Color (1968), would become Circle Press' second publication and the first of dozens the two would undertake throughout their respective careers. 

In 1970, upon moving to London, Tyson founded the seminal Tetrad Press, and would go on to publish, among others, Jackson Mac Low, Larry Eigner, Andrew Crozier, and, famously, beginning in 1971, Tom Phillips' touchstone artists’ book, A Humument. Tetrad continued until 1995 at which time Tyson moved to Provence, France and founded ed.it, the press under which he would continue to publish works for the remainder of his career.

This collection contains many of Tyson's own stunning visual works alongside publications by his numerous collaborators and friends. Others present in the collection include: Petre M. Andreevsky, Andrew Crozier, Larry Eigner, Roy Fisher, Derrick Greaves, Richard Johnny John, Jackson Mac Low, Joël-Claude Meffre, Delia Morris, Avid Nelsen, Tom Phillips, Richard Pinkney, Graham Reid, Paul Reps, Jerome Rothenberg, Nyogen Senzaki, Wai-lim Yip, and Robert Vas Dias.

Titles in the collection by Ian Tyson include: I Was Surprised to Find Myself Out Here (Tetrad Press, [1972]); Patterns (Tetrad Press, 1973); Souvenir de Voyage (ed.it, 1999); Pavan (ed.it, 2002); frottage (ed.it, 2003); Nature Morte (ed.it, 2004); Surimono 6 (ed.it, 2004); tenebrae (ed.it, 2007); Pierres / Stones: Quatre meditations – four meditations (ed.it, 2010); Fissure (ed.it, 2010); Occasional Gematria 5: A Surimono for Jerome Rothenberg (Granary Books and ed.it, 2011); 4 (ed.it, 2015); Double Page (ed.it, 2016); and Scrivo in Vento: After Elliott Carter (to a Poem by Petrarch) (ed.it, 2016).

Titles in the collection on which Tyson served as either collaborator or publisher include: Andrew Crozier, Utamaro Variations: A Suite of Four Poems (Tetrad Press, 1976); Larry Eigner, A Line that May be Cut (Circle Press, 1968); Joël-Claude Meffre, Ian Tyson, and Delia Morris, Là où est l'arbre (Les presses d'Eric Linard, 2008); Avid R. Nelsen, Thinking Inside the Box: Ian Tyson - To Date: A Retrospective Exhibition in Honor of the Artist's 70th Birthday (University of California, San Diego, 2004); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Collaborations: Livres d’Artiste 19682003 (Eric Linard Galerie, 2003); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Gematria 643 (ed.it, 2003); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Homage to Goya: The Sleep of Reason (ed.it, 2006); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Sightings I–IX & Red Easy a Color (Circle Press, 1968); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Surimono 5: In Memory of Paul Celan: Three Death Poems (ed.it, 2003); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, The Case for Memory (Granary Books and ed.it, 2001—this is the special edition with suite of prints); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, Three Friendly Warnings: From Songs for the Society of Mystic Animals: Total Translations from the Seneca Indian (Tetrad Press, 1973); Jerome Rothenberg and Ian Tyson, A Tribute to Jerome Rothenberg (ed.it, [2008]); Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps, Zen Stories (Edition Tiessen, 1994); Robert Vas Dias and Ian Tyson, Surimono 4 (ed.it, 2001); and Wai-lim Yip and Ian Tyson, Surimono 3 (Mandeville Special Collections, 1995/96).

In addition, a complete run of Tetrad Pamphlets, vol. 1, nos. 1–10 (1969–1971), are included: A Verse from 'The Death of a Guiser', by Petre M. Andreevsky and Richard Pinkney, trans. By Graham Reid; Poem Nov: 1968, by Larry Eigner, with image by Derrick Greaves; Correspondence, by Roy Fisher and Tom Phillips; Sweet Pictorial Reason, by Derrick Greaves; 23rd Light Poem for Larry Eigner, by Jackson Mac Low; Lesbia Waltz, by Tom Phillips; The Alphabet Twice, by Richard Pinkney; The Directions, by Jerome Rothenberg and Tom Phillips; mask masque, by Ian Tyson; and Knights Eminence, by Ian Tyson.

All items are fine or near fine. A complete spreadsheet inventory of titles is available upon request.

Price: $12,500.00

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