Eyewitness: From Black Mountain to White Rabbit. Carolyn Dunn, Kevin Killian. Granary Books. 2015.

Eyewitness: From Black Mountain to White Rabbit.

Granary Books, 2015. Item #GB_164

6 x 9 in., 66 pp., wrappers.

“She is the only living witness to the so-called ‘Boston Renaissance,’ the little band of poets, including Steve Jonas and John Wieners, that revitalized New England poetry in the years of the Korean War. She attended Black Mountain College in its final days, when Olson and Creeley and Rumaker were there, when jazz ruled, though bread was scarce. Jack Spicer brought her and Joe Dunn, her then-husband, to San Francisco to start the White Rabbit Press and to hold poetry meetings in their apartment. For decades she has been the mystery woman of the Spicer-Duncan circle, vividly remembered, but misunderstood. I actually thought she must be dead, for she disappeared from literary history circa 1960, and I was delighted when she turned up, after fifty-five years ‘away,’ and now in her eighties, very much alive and, as you will see, with a totally new perspective on the scenes she partook in. This is Carolyn Dunn’s first interview of any kind, and it became so extended we decided to publish it as a little book. Memoirs by women of the ‘New American’ generation are scarcer than hen’s teeth, and this woman’s account of a life lived for art, music and love will educate and delight and engross you from Black Mountain…to White Rabbit…to today.”
–Kevin Killian

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