[Untitled Two Blake Broadsides 2/2]. Barbara Fahrner. Granary Books. 1993.

[Untitled Two Blake Broadsides 2/2].

Granary Books, 1993. Item #GB_27B

13 1/4 x 13 1/2 in. broadside.

Produced on the occasion of the publication of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: A Reading and Study. Printed letterpress by Philip Gallo at The Hermetic Press, then handcolored by Fahrner. This is from an edition of 27 copies (with two prints), signed by the artist. Out-of-print.

ABOUT BARBARA FAHRNER: Barbara Fahrner (b. 1940) has been experimenting with book forms since 1979. Her work, like the large-scale installation "Kunstkammerprojekt," has been shown both privately and publicly in Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, Britain, and America. She divides her time between Frankfurt and New York. Explore her work at http://www.fahrnerandfahrner.com/

Read more about William Blake at the online Blake Archive.

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