Adventures in Poetry, Books and Magazine Collections

Adventures in Poetry, Books and Magazine Collections

Granary Books is pleased to celebrate Larry Fagin's seminal mimeograph magazine and imprint, Adventures in Poetry, by offering two collections: a complete run of Adventures in Poetry magazine and a comprehensive set of all titled published during the mimeograph era of the Adventures in Poetry imprint.

Fiercely original in concept, execution, and voice, Fagin eschewed editorial standards of the day, avoiding what he called the "grab bag mode" of most publications in favor of delivering deep dives into the work of poets whose voices he felt were urgent and adventurous (From a Secret Location).

Along with Maureen Owen’s Telephone, Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh’s Angel Hair, and Greg Masters, Gary Lenhart, and Michael Scholnick’s Mag City, Larry Fagin’s Adventures in Poetry stands as one of the defining publications of its place and time.

This illustrated prospectus includes information on the complete run of the magazine and the comprehensive book collection. These two collections are available separately, but only as complete collections in and of themselves. The magazine collection has sold.

For individual Adventures in Poetry titles, please see our by-item catalog.