What the Ambulance Driver Said. Jane Wodening, Brakhage. Granary Books. 1998.
What the Ambulance Driver Said. Jane Wodening, Brakhage. Granary Books. 1998.

What the Ambulance Driver Said.

Granary Books, 1998. Item #GB_53

9 3/4 x 5 3/4 in., 24 pp., sewn in wrappers.

Issued as Granary Books’ New Year’s greeting. The reader first approaches this story as a single paragraph. The book then extends to reveal the paragraph as a diagrammed sentence, folding out to 26 in.

Designed and printed letterpress by Philip Gallo at The Hermetic Press. Hand-sewn in paper wrappers at the Campbell-Logan Bindery. This is from an edition of 300 copies, of which 250 are hors commerce and 50 are for sale; each signed by the poet. As new.

"I was brought up in a prudish little suburb of Chicago until I was eleven then my parents and my brother and I moved to Fraser, Colorado, which was at that time a copper-mining town sinking into oblivion. The change was startling to me and I found friendships easier with dogs than with people. They seemed to understand me better than people did. There were a few years of annual travels within Colorado and finally we made a house out of our summer cabin outside of Boulder and I went to Boulder High School.

I tried college but when my brother wanted a ride to New York City, I dropped out and spent a few months getting educated in New York City.

A couple of years later, I married film artist Stan Brakhage and we traveled for a few years then settled in Lump Gulch at nine thousand feet altitude where we lived for twenty-three years with five children and room for a yard full of animals, my delight. Stan and I were together for thirty years.

When he left me, my five children were grown and on their own.  I sold my house and animals and drove back and forth across America for three years, finally settling in a tiny cabin with no amenities at ten thousand feet altitude where I lived alone for ten years and pulled together and published seven books of short stories. 

For the past two or three years I've been living in Denver, quilting, gardening, writing short stories, and working on another book. Life is good." –Jane Wodening, Nov. 2006.

Price: $75.00