TKS Books 2023 Complete Set. Mary Korte, Diane di Prima, Iris Cushing, M C. Kinniburgh. TKS Books. 2023.

TKS Books 2023 Complete Set.

TKS Books, 2023. Item #3640

TKS is a small edition publishing project, whose name draws on a rogue Granary Books publishing name—Tibetan Kite Society—and the editorial annotation "tk." In that spirit, the project explores the idea of "the books to come," drawing on a range of printing techniques and poetic influences.

TKS Books' projects are cross-generational in their inquiry, archival and ephemeral in their orientation, and deeply invested in poetics. The fourth year of TKS Books was a transitional and preparatory year, with fewer than usual publications. In particular, TKS Books collaborated on a trade edition of environmentalist and Beat-influenced poet Mary Norbert Korte's new and selected works, in collaboration with Argos Books. In addition to this, TKS published commemorative broadsides, the fourth Messy Archivist, and a second edition of the catalog of Diane di Prima's occult library with a different design concept.

This is a complete collection of all TKS editions published in 2023:

Kinniburgh, M.C. Messy Archivist, no. 4.

Korte, Mary Norbert, with Iris Cushing and Jason Weiss, eds. Jumping into the American River: New and Selected Poems, Volume 1. Co-published with Argos Books. This is from the sold-out first edition, first printing of 225 copies. A second printing is scheduled for early 2024.

Two broadsides by Mary Norbert Korte and Diane di Prima, on the occasion of the joint launch of The Catalog of the Occult Library of Diane di Prima (TKS Books 2022, reprinted in 2023) and Jumping into the American River at the Center for Humanities, with Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative.

The second edition of The Catalog of the Occult Library of Diane di Prima, printed in black and white with comb binding. This was printed due to request, after the first edition sold out.

Sets are available without the second edition of The Catalog of the Occult Library of Diane di Prima upon request, with adjusted price.

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